A well-known speaker began his seminar by holding up a new twenty-dollar bill. In the crowded room, he asked if anyone would like to have their $ 20 bill. Hands in the rooms began to rise. He crumpled and crumbled the bill and asked the crowd if anyone was still interested in receiving the bill. His hands were still raised to indicate that people still wanted the crumpled $ 20 bill.

At that point, he dropped the bill to the ground and started crushing it on the ground with his shoe. He got, presently folded and grimy $ 20 bill. “Does anybody despite everything need the bill?” However, the hands were brought up noticeable all around.

The speaker stated: “Today we have all taken in a significant exercise. Regardless of what I did, you wanted it since it hasn’t lost its worth. “

“Many times in our lives, the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way let us fall, huddled, and sunk in the ground. We can feel useless; But no matter what happens or what happens, it will never lose its value. “

Dirty or clean, wrinkled, or finely bent, we are priceless. The value of our life does not derive from what we do or who we know, but from who we are.

Ref: Moral Story

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